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Strategic Port Development Plan, Vladivostok

Strategic Port Development Plan, Vladivostok

We were appointed by Commercial Port Vladivostok via subcontract in association with Scott Wilson, to develop a strategic plan with responsibility for market and strategic analysis. The study involved an in-depth analysis of the strategic position of CPV, including the following components:

  • Assessment of the strategic position of CPV.
  • Identification of sources of competitive edge (strengths).
  • Identification of competitive weaknesses and actions for mitigating these.
  • Development of a Strategy to raise CPV to a new strategic position, and a set of initiatives to support this.

The study included detailed analysis of the potential for a container terminal development, which was the “Star” opportunity. It considered various issues such as development of the Port of Dalian, changes in ships size, regional transhipment, and the interests of potential Strategic Partners.

It concluded with a list of initiatives and schedule for completing them in the form of a port development plan. (2002)

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