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Ferry Services Review, Jersey

Ferry Services Review, Jersey

Jersey wished to maximise the use of its ferry routes by developing a greater understanding of the economics of ferry operations serving Jersey. This would provide a general understanding key customers, and the impact of various policy and price changes on demand and revenues. It would also help to ascertain the impact of the ferry service agreements, e.g. how the ferry operations would be affected by:

  • Continuing with the current system of regulation of frequencies [and fares] through service agreements.
  • Allowing free competition.
  • A combination of regulation and competition.

Fisher Associates were commissioned by Jersey Harbours to develop a model designed as a strategic tool to aid decision making, and to explore different options and promote discussion. The model considered different classes of traffic on different routes, and matched this against patterns of ferry operations, modelling costs and revenues and permitting what-if and profitability analysis. The results provided information on returns to ferry operators under different commercial and demand scenarios. (2002)

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