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Maritime Careers, Training & Skills

Maritime Careers, Training & Skills

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Work some interesting maritime content into your lesson plans. It will help you deliver the curriculum.

The Merchant Navy Training Board and the Marine Society developed in 2001 a great curriculum resource kit for schools. You can download these below.

7-11  11-16 
 Teachers’ Notes Download notes Download notes
 Pupil Worksheets Download worksheets  Download worksheets
 Class Slides Download slides 1

Download slides 2

Download slides

Ports played a vital role in the development of many UK cities.  The Port Cities website explores their impact on UK culture.  It tells the stories of the people who lived and worked in the port communities, the key events that shaped their lives, and the trades, industries and leisure activities that grew up around these.  Five port cities are included.


Want something fun to do? Here are our top tips:

DO NOT MISS the Mary Rose web site. If you don’t like this, you won’t like anything!

The BBC website is fantastic – although a little patience is needed to download. Go Diving for Treasure, fight the Battle of The Atlantic, or build a longboat and go on a Viking Quest!

If you are bored with the computer and want to go do something, try:

The Sea Cadets

Sailing: Find out how to get started on the water.