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Port of St Helier Masterplan, Jersey

Port of St Helier Masterplan, Jersey

We were appointed by Jersey Harbours to prepare 10 and 20 year Masterplans for the Port of St Helier. The port caters for ferries (fast and conventional), other commercial traffic, and marine leisure users, and the first step was to undertake a demand study that split traffic into four main categories:

  • Freight traffic
  • Passengers
  • Marine leisure
  • Cruises

We then made an assessment of future facilities requirements based on the zoning of harbour activities, and presented this in 2001 the form of a physical vision based on the following priorities:

  • To serve the Jersey economy and ensure that it does not incur unacceptable opportunity costs in the future due to lack of foresight in the present.
  • To capitalise on sectors which offer opportunities for adding value and retaining this in the Island.
  • To improve safety.
  • To contribute to the overall quality of St Helier by removing commercial operations from proximity to St Helier (where practical) and minimising environmental impact.
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