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Banff Harbour Business Plan, Scotland

Banff Harbour Business Plan, Scotland

Historic Banff Harbour is a key community and leisure facility in the town. It has a thriving marina, which operated at capacity with a waiting list for berths, and hosts several inshore fishermen.

Aberdeenshire Council commissioned Fisher Associates to prepare a 5 year Business Plan, to build upon the existing success of the harbour, enabling it to develop so that it could not only better meet the needs of current users, but attract new users in the future. (2014)

A set of key objectives was developed:

  • To safeguard the long term viability of the harbour.
  • To improve connectivity between the town and harbour.
  • To make the harbour a more attractive place to visit for residents, tourists and sail visitors.
  • To enhance the harbour’s role in the local economy and community.

The proposals were aligned with these and categorised as follows:

  • Infrastructure and marine operations.
  • Enhancing facilities and equipment.
  • Connectivity between the town and harbour.
  • Marketing and promotion.

The study was informed by desk research, discussions with the Council and stakeholder engagement.

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