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Value for Money Audit, Jersey Coastguard

Value for Money Audit, Jersey Coastguard

Jersey Coastguard is a branded service provided by Jersey Harbours. Its primary purposes are to:

  • Encourage safety at sea.
  • Monitor activities in Jersey’s territorial waters.
  • Coordinate an emergency response when required.
  • Provide pollution response.

Jersey Harbours commissioned Fisher Associates to undertake a Value for Money (VFM) audit of Jersey Coastguard. VFM is high when costs are relatively low (good economy), productivity is high (good efficiency) and successful outcomes have been achieved (good effectiveness). Value for money audit centres around these “3Es”.

Put another way, the questions posed were:

  • Can cost be reduced yet the same output provided?
  • Can greater output be achieved for the same cost?
  • Does the service provide what such a service should provide?

Our report provided a full set of recommendations, which we developed into an Action Plan. (2010)

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