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Ship Registry Expansion / Superyacht Study

Ship Registry Expansion / Superyacht Study


The States of Jersey commissioned Fisher Associates to carry out independent research into the business case for expansion of the Jersey Register of British Ships.

The terms of reference require evaluation of the market potential and benefit to the Island economy, the States Treasury and Jersey Harbours of developing the Jersey Shipping Registry, considering potentially sustainable increased market demand in the Superyacht sector and other sectors of the Registry business.

The study involves analysis of the Superyacht market, and assessing the link between Registry growth and new related business which would be based in the Island such as: (i) ship brokerage; (ii) ship and charter management; (iii) crew management; (iv) marine insurance; (v) company and trust management utilising tax efficient structures; (vi) survey and certification; (vii) local marine leisure growth and tourism; (viii) high net worth individual residents; (ix) other …. (2007)

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