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Port Operations & Ownership Arrangements, Scotland

Port Operations & Ownership Arrangements, Scotland

Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) appointed Fisher Associates to carry out a review of the operation and ownership of Scottish ports hosting lifeline ferry services. This contributed to a comprehensive review of ferry services being undertaken in Scotland, in order to develop a long-term strategy and the policies to achieve this. The assignment was approached in four key steps:

  • A baseline review to fully identify and clarify the existing arrangements for who does what and where with whom etc.
  • Make a review of relevant policy and regulatory exigencies at all levels covering all aspects of the port’s operational environments.
  • Prepare a framework for analysis and assess how ports perform against this.
  • Draw conclusions.

Our underlying approach was to develop a database to form the basis of an ongoing management tool for CMAL. This added significant value by focusing on delivering a management tool developed according to best practice, including scoping the database, preparing functional specification, and providing user notes. (2009)

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