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Hayle Harbour Review, England

Hayle Harbour Review, England

Fisher Associates port and shippng consultants was engaged by Cornwall Council to undertake a review of the key issues related to the possible adoption of Hayle Harbour into the Council’s portfolio of harbours, including outline financial valuation analysis. (2015)

Hayle Harbour is regulated by a Statutory Harbour Authority (SHA). This SHA is discharged by The Hayle Harbour Company Authority Limited. This is a private company, which also owns sites for property development in Hayle.

This review for Cornwall Council (CC) identified key commercial issues should it adopt the harbour, and hence assume the obligations as an SHA under the Harbours Act 1964 to “improve, maintain and manage” Hayle Harbour. The key tasks completed were:

  • Review of available information on the Harbour.
  • Discussion with Cornwall Council Staff.
  • Consider within the context of a role for Cornwall Council:
  • Regulatory implications
  • Key assets and liabilities
  • Income and costs
  • Resourcing / staffing and possible efficiencies
  • Prepare a report addressing the key issues.
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