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Strategic Sea Crossings Study, Scotland

Strategic Sea Crossings Study, Scotland

We were appointed by HITRANS to undertake a study into the 2005 to 2025 outlook for development of sea crossings to the Northern and Western Isles. We prepared a national strategy for realising existing and emerging opportunities to for development of five groups of Strategic Sea Crossings (SSCs). These are:

  • Shetland to the Scottish Mainland
  • Orkney to the Scottish Mainland
  • Argyll Islands
  • Hebrides CalMac Network
  • Clyde crossings serving Arran, Bute, Dunoon and Cumbrae

The final reports were submitted in November 2005 and are available for download:

Download Strategy

Download Baseline Review (sister report)

Based upon Scottish Executive guidelines for developing transport policy, there were four stages to developing the strategy:

  • Information gathering and analysis of problems and needs
  • Setting objectives for the policy
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Making recommendations

The final recommendations were were made at three levels:

  • Institutional
  • Strategic
  • Tactical

… a framework that we have employed in  several other assignments, and are summarised as:

  • Strategic development and upgrading of the ports and terminals network.
  • Strategic fixed links for short crossings.
  • Alternative ownership models for ferry companies.
  • Application of fast Ro-Pax craft.
  • Application of a fast passenger only craft.
  • Capture of land uplift value.

We recommended that the future of the sea crossings network should have the socio-economic development of the Islands at its core, and that an independent Strategic Enabler should develop the expertise and capacity to facilitate development of the future network. (2005)

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