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Strategic Review of Seafaring in Asia Pacific

Strategic Review of Seafaring in Asia Pacific

Asia and the Pacific (AP) is a major source of demand for shipping, and a leading supplier of seafarers. AP needed to sustain its competitiveness as a supplier in light of economic development and changing social contexts, and significant variations in the approach to Maritime Education and Training and examination of seafarers across the region.

Fisher Associates was therefore commissioned by the Asian Development Bank to prepare a Strategic Review of sea going human resource needs in Asia and the Pacific. (2013)

You can view as a presentation here. The Review included:


  • An explanation of the regulatory environment for seafarer training and certification, and a contextual review in a global and AP regional context.
  • A situation analysis, which explained the key findings from the research and consultation undertaken in The Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and London,including workshops and a Consultative Forum.
  • Formulation of vision and mission statements and a number of objectives to deliver these, supported by a logical framework of outputs.
  • A gap and opportunity analysis leading to the development of key initiatives that might be adopted in response to these objectives.
  • Wrapping these initiatives up into a number of activities to deliver them.

Key initiatives included: improved regulation in accreditation of colleges and examiners; better standards of assessment; measures to encourage the professionalisation of instructors; and a regional quality mark for maritime colleges in Asia Pacific. The Review is available as a pdf here.

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