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Marine Advisor to Cork City Council, Ireland

Marine Advisor to Cork City Council, Ireland

Fisher Associates was commissioned by Cork City Council (CCC) to advise on issues related to the Port of Cork, in connection with CCC’s compulsory purchase order application related to development of Cork City Docklands, and specifically on the construction of two bridges just downstream of Cork City Quays. The services provided included:

  • Identification of the key marine issues raised by objectors to the CPO application, and providing a lead for CCC on discussions related to marine operational impacts of bridges, and arrangements required to mitigate these.
  • Preparation of a risk assessment, on both a with and without bridges basis, based on best practice according to the UK’s Port Marine Safety Code.
  • Assessment of the ongoing commercial consequences of the bridges, and the impact on the competitiveness of the Port of Cork once the bridges were in place, based on a review of the market and revenues and general commercial prospects for City Quays.
  • An assessment of the real potential impact of road traffic taking priority over navigation during morning and evening traffic peaks, including a tidal analysis and analysis of shipping traffic.
  • Preparation of an outline valuation, considering the complexities of the specific circumstances applying in this case.

The application became subject of an Oral Hearing, at which Fisher Associates provided expert witnesses on both the marine technical and commercial issues. (2008/9)

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